FODMAP Recipes

Because I'm sick of finding "Almost" FODMAP


I have always loved food. Brought up in a family of chefs the one thing you could not say was “Don’t like it” if you hadn’t tried it. Other than a rather serious allergy to blue cheese, I can say that I never had a problem with foods, but in 2010 I started experiencing a variety of problems. All these seemed to point to Hypothyroidism but my bloods were clear. I then decided to drop gluten from my diet. Things improved, but my digestion still wasn’t right. That was when I discovered FODMAP.

What I also discovered with FODMAP was that trying to host a family meal, a dinner party, or even just the day-to-day meals was a huge challenge and took months, rather than weeks, of planning. Usually the internet failed me with most recipes being “almost” FODMAP – using some ingredients that are ‘banned’. So here I am … building up an online recipe guide to help  other FODMAP followers.

All recipes are based on the FODMAP guidelines on IBSDiets